Meet Our Team

This case study was designed for educational purposes. We do not represent the views of the Anishinaabe or other stakeholders in this case. We hope that this case study will inspire educators to seek out other resources to think about complex systems and make connections to reframe the cultural paradigm of science and policy. This case study was piloted with students on the Duluth and Twin Cities University of Minnesota campuses. We welcome feedback on how to make improvements.


Kristi L. Kremers

Intercultural Competence

Kristi Kremers is the Director of Graduate and Faculty Leadership Programs at the Institute on the Environment at the University of Minnesota. Her passion is focused on training the next generation of environmental leaders and change agents. To do this, she believes that the landscape of higher education must be transformed to break down academic silos and provide students and faculty with the capacity and connections to work across disciplines and sectors.

Beth Mercer-Taylor

Stakeholder Analysis

Beth Mercer-Taylor is the Sustainability Education Coordinator at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. She administers the Sustainability Studies Minor, an interdisciplinary, free-standing program with nearly 200 undergraduates enrolled. Her work involves recruiting and advising students, creating community-building activities, coordinating the efforts of the curriculum committee that oversees the minor’s academic program, and leading new initiatives related to sustainability on campus.

Mary O. Hannemann

Systems Thinking

Mary (Oldham) Hanneman develops and coordinates a variety of programs for Sustainability Education, supporting student leadership development outside of the classroom and teaching informally and formally in the Sustainability Internship course, SUST4096. Mary also leads the Student Engagement Strategy for the University of Minnesota Extension’s Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships.
Illustrations and imagery

Moira Villiard

Moira Villiard is an independent, traditional artist, activist, muralist, speaker, writer, designer, and filmmaker who, by some feat of pluralism, hopes to better our community through these niches. She’s known for her live painting demonstrations at cafes, fledgling businesses, event openings, and in classrooms; a major part of her philosophy is making art accessible and interactive. Stylistically, her artwork ebbs and pulls between the realms of portraiture, illustration, and surrealism.

Villiard grew up on the Fond du Lac reservation in Cloquet, Minnesota and is an Ojibwe and Delaware Lenape descendent. She is a full-time Arts & Cultural Program Coordinator at the American Indian Community Housing Organization (AICHO). She currently serves as a freelance writer, creative/community consultant, editor, and graphic designer, as well as the Vice Chair for the Executive Board of the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council, co-founder of Dream of Duluth: A Global Outreach Initiative (Uganda), and co-director of the Twin Ports-based variety show, A Goody Night. She received her Bachelor’s of Science in Communicating Arts with a minor in Global Studies from the University of Wisconsin – Superior in 2016.

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